Welcome to the website of our FCI whippet kennel “GO-BYE”.

We bought our first whippet Brixie Trixtan at the end of 2012.

We love animals. After a long search for a suitable pet we found a whippet. We fell in love with this breed. We participate in coursing because Brixie loves running, but also races and exhibitions.

On 23th December 2015 we received FCI kennel name “GO-BYE”. It was a wonderful Christmas gift.

We’re a small kennel with two breeding bitches now. Our aim is especially healthy puppies with balanced temperaments, standard exteriors and sport’s assumptions (especially for coursing).

The kennel name “GO-BYE” was created by Brixie’s love for coursing. A GO-BYE can be made when a dog in second position gives its utmost and overtakes its opponent. It’s really beautiful view of the passion, determination and joy in the whippet’s eyes during running.

Our first litter was born on 19th June. All puppies are amazing. We hope that they will be successful. So we have new member of our team beautiful Arcee Go-Bye.

Subsequently, our two sports whippets brought me into the world of caring for the dog’s musculoskeletal system. I am interested in both manual techniques and physiotherapy of dogs and everything about caring for the dog’s musculoskeletal system. Verča Gesierichová (and I hope she will still be) is a great support, helper and teacher. It was an honor and a great benefit for me to obtain the Certificate of the Recommended Therapist of the Dorn Method under the guidance of Andrey Dunová. This definitely does not end my educational journey, I have already started to discover other techniques.

Currently, our two whippets are mainly our faithful companions for nature trips. We hope that their health will serve them as long as possible and that we will still enjoy a lot of common adventures.

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