GO-BYE whippet kennel

We are pleased to announce that on 23th December 2015 we received FCI kennel name “GO-BYE”. It was a wonderful Christmas gift. Now we can start the breeding.

We’re a small kennel with one breeding bitch. In the future, we plan another whippet. Our aim is especially healthy puppies with balanced temperaments, standard exteriors and sport’s assumptions (especially for coursing).

The kennel name “GO-BYE” was created by Brixie’s love for coursing. A GO-BYE can be made when a dog in second position gives its utmost and overtakes its opponent. It’s really beautiful view of the passion, determination and joy in the whippet’s eyes during runnig.

Season 2015

Season 2015 was again excellent for Brixie and us. In the first race Brixie fulfilled conditions for the title Czech coursing champion. In international races she always ranked in the forefront. In April we received a certificate for the working class and we started with shows. Brixie obteined titles in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.

The first half of 2016, we would like to concentrate on coursing and shows. In the summer we are planing puppies. Hopefully we will be successful, on both fields coursing/shows and breeding.